Plesk: the best panel for debute with the administration server

Plesk: the best panel for debute with the administration server

June 7, 2021 0 By Mike Kordoguan

Description Plesk is a platform that allows the management of your web  server without the need for special DevOps skills. No need for a terminal but also command lines to deploy your objectives, website, database, email etc.

Switch to the ease of Plesk so that you or your customers can complete their projects in a few clicks. here is the Plesk user interface Depending on their role, each customer has equally diverse needs and use cases.

A provider may need to set up service plans and configure server-wide settings, while a customer may need to create a database or modify PHP features for one or even a few of their domains. in an effort to simplify usage for both providers and obese, Plesk provides two panels: The Client Panel. It targets web hosting operations and includes all the tools required to create and manage websites, mailboxes, etc. It was designed for hosting fatties. Power User View.

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It includes all tools available in the Client Panel, along with tools for managing global server settings. This view is ideal for server administrators who host their own sites, as well as for web agencies that manage their clients’ sites.

Both panels allow you to manage subscriptions. This guide is intended for web hosting clients as well as web designers who host their clients’ sites.

That’s why we will focus on the Power User View. The following screenshot shows Plesk with the Power User View. Plesk is the leading cross-platform control panel on the market. It is a simple and convenient way to administer your web services.

With the Plesk interface open from a browser, you can instantly create e-mail accounts, configure your domain features, manage your web files, install an application, create a database, manage your FTP access, and much more. Plesk simplifies these tasks so that you can accomplish them without having to be a master of server commands and shell scripts.