Discover the last news on the Windows servers

Discover the last news on the Windows servers

June 10, 2021 0 By Mike Kordoguan

Discover the best sites which proposes news on Windows, you will be able to read in real time all the news of the operating system windows, and also the part Windows server.

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First of all, what is Windows?

Windows is from the beginning a unified graphical interface produced by Microsoft, which later became a range of platforms completely, mainly intended for PC-compatible computers.

DOS, whether in its IBM PC-DOS version or in the versions for MS-DOS clones, did not have a graphical interface. It was possible with great ease to create graphics under the BASICA language (GW-BASIC for the clones) delivered with the system, but the commands had to be memorized by the user and typed by hand, which made the system painful to use. Moreover, each couple application/device required its generic driver, which made the management of these drivers complicated and constituted a brake on the evolution of configurations.

Inspired by interfaces such as those of the Xerox Alto, then the Apple Lisa and the Apple Macintosh, the first versions of Windows, in 16 bits, were based on the existing OS : MS-DOS. This one having been conceived monotask, one launched Windows in a way identical to a simple program, which incorporated at this time some of its functions (in particular the tracking of the mouse to the system).


The intrinsic limitation of monotasking, as well as the marginal aspect of Windows 1 (whose windows only shared the screen without overlapping) did not worry the rival Apple at the time, which was more concerned about IBM’s strategy5. IBM did not think that the use of the graphic mode was viable with the 640 K limitation of DOS, nor the low resolution of the screens at the time, and decided to have a text-like multi-window, Topview, which was very reactive, but kept the discomfort of DOS. The version 2 of Windows (1987) triggered a lawsuit from Apple for counterfeiting. But Apple lost it (on appeal) because of the Alto precedent (against Digital Research).


The Apple company continued to threaten Microsoft, which led to a friendly settlement in 1997: Microsoft would produce Office and Internet Explorer for Mac OS and would take a 6% stake in Apple5. Released in 1990, Windows integrated three versions delivered simultaneously: one in the 8086 way (simple 16-bit), a second in the 80286 way (16-bit with extended addressing) and a third in the 80386 way (32-bit addressing). Calling the win command from DOS performed a few system tests and automatically launched the version deemed most appropriate, unless the user explicitly requested it by means of parameters.


The DOS version was also tested, in order to substitute as many Windows functions as desired to the DOS version, which was now only used as a launcher and to implement the call vectors in the right places (a collateral effect was some warning messages if Windows was launched from a competing OS like DR-DOS). Its use of Adobe Type Manager already made the display quality much better.


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