Cpanel: discover the famous tools for administration server

Cpanel: discover the famous tools for administration server

May 5, 2021 0 By Mike Kordoguan

cPanel is a Linux-based control panel suitable for web hosting companies. Consisting of a graphical interface that allows for the automation of settings, site hosting is thus simplified. cPanel has three main functions that give us the opportunity to access different levels of use namely administration and reselling of a hosting, or the banal site configuration.


Thus, all these aspects are controlled with a simple browser.


When creating your first WordPress site, choosing a web host can be a tricky task, and there is no absolute truth in this universe. If you ask for feedback here and there on Facebook groups, you’ll be confronted with the opinions of people who make recommendations on a regular basis without knowing the specifics of your needs.



What can I do with cPanel?


You can use it a lot! Connect your domain names Configure your email accounts Backup your sites Upload your files View usage statistics And so on… as well as change your security settings, view your bandwidth, your resources, and many other tools depending on your hosting provider.



Fortunately with cpanel, we put at your disposal the latest stable options available on the market.