Windows VPS Hosting Is A Low Cost VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a great hosting solution for all those who wish to have a perfect hosting solution. It comes in everyone’s budget so even small as well as medium scale businesses as well as enterprises can take benefit of it. It is the most cost effective solution as well as the most efficient one. People find VPS Hosting more attractive than dedicated server hosting as dedicated servers are very expensive and are a task to manage. VPS Hosting on the other hand is cheap and you get managed services from your hosting provider.

In VPS Hosting you have two choices to choose from i.e. Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Windows VPS are GUI based while Linux VPS are text based. So you can choose among Windows VPS and Linux VPS based on your preferences. Windows VPS is generally chosen more by people as it is more user-friendly.

Now in Windows VPS Hosting new technology has come up. Earlier all Windows VPS servers were based on the technology of Virtuozzo. But with the advent of cloud hosting you can also have Windows VPS based on Hyper-V. These type of Windows VPS are also known as virtual servers based on hypervisor. In Hyper-V technology you get virtual server that virtualizes the hardware of the server so you get a server that is very much comparable to a dedicated server at a much cheaper price. Also hyper-v based Windows VPS are supposed to give more uptime and better performance so we can say that they are all the more cost effective.

A Windows VPS or a Hyper-V VPS has lots of positive aspects

Your VPS Hosting provider maintains your server for you.
You get almost 100% uptime for your server when you select a virtual server that is based on hyper-v also called as hyper-v server or windows vps hyper-v or hyper-v vps.
You can host many websites under the same account.
Hyper-v vps is very much comparable to a dedicated server and hence it becomes a very low cost server for you that provides almost all the features of a dedicated server.
You hyper-v vps is updated by your hyper-v server provider so you will never have to worry about security and other stuff.
They will take backups of your hyper-v server or hyper-v vps so as to ensure that you never lose your data.
You will also be able to customize your hyper-v server or hyper-v vps based on your needs.

So overall we can say that windows vps in vps hosting have a great deal to offer at a much lesser cost as compared to a dedicated server.

UCVHOST specializes in providing low cost vps hosting and have plans catering to your varied needs. UCVHOST provides ( Windows VPS, Cheap VPS )based on Virtuozzo as well as Hyper-v and you can make your choice out of the two based on your budget and business needs. And above all UCVHOST provides support service 24/7, 365 days a year so you can visit UCVHOST anytime and chat with our support so as to solve any issues or queries you have. So sign up now with our 30 day money back guarantee.

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Windows VPS Hosting – How They Help In Effective Business Management

Internet has helped lots of businesses expand their business all over the world. Because of the internet only geographic location is no longer a hindrance in selling products and services. So every business is now trying to have an online presence so that they can sell more and in return have more profits from the additional sales they generate online.

For this purpose you will require your company’s website on which you can advertise your products and services. And in order to have your website live on the internet you will need a hosting plan that would meet your needs. You can have all the information about your company online through this.

In hosting you have three choices namely Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting. Shared Hosting is very cheap but it has lots of limitations like security and lack of customization. Dedicated servers on the other hand are very expensive. So the third choice that is available is VPS Hosting. It is the best solution available on the internet these days. It is cheap, customizable and very much secured for your business website.

In VPS Hosting you can choose from Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Windows VPS are GUI based while Linux VPS are text based. Both Windows VPS and Linux VPS have an equal efficiency. So it will all depend you on which one you would choose among Windows VPS and Linux VPS.

Lots of hosting companies such as UCVHOST are offering VPS Hosting services on the internet. Under these services from UCVHOST you get a virtual server for yourself on which you can host unlimited websites and any application. Virtual servers perform exactly like a physical server and provide privacy of your data.

We at UCVHOST offer plans with various configurations starting at $9.99 a month with as much as 768 MB RAM which extends up to 4 GB. You get root access to your server along with a dedicated IP. You can choose your operating system that you wish to be installed on your server.

Our Windows VPS Hosting plans at UCVHOST offer unlimited bandwidth and you can install any application or software on your server and run any kind of script. You can also have many users simultaneously on your virtual server.

It will depend on you as to how much RAM you will sign up for, for your server as the performance of your server will mainly depend on it. And the price of your server will hence vary accordingly.

UCVHOST has no hidden cost. We install your server for free and will give you support 24/7 that too 365 days a year free of cost. All you have to do is pay for the plan, the IP cost and the licensing fee (in case of a Windows VPS) and you are all set to go. All our servers at UCVHOST are user-friendly and cater to medium as well as large scale enterprises. In case there is a breakdown of your server we will get you up and running in the least possible time with no extra cost.

Dedicated servers are as efficient as virtual servers but the great benefit with a VPS Hosting plan ( Windows VPS, Cheap VPS, Email VPS, Plesk VPS, MS SQL VPS, Shared Hosting, Linux VPS, Hyper-V VPS is that you save lots of money as they cost a fraction of a dedicated server. And hence it helps you save lots of money on the hosting front of your business.

UCVHOST aims to provide the best services to all their clients at a very cheap price (cheap VPS). Visit UCVHOST and sign up now.

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Windows VPS Hosting – All About Website Hosting On VPS

If you have an online presence and have a website that attracts thousands of visitors everyday, then you must look into the performance of the website which depends mainly on the hosting service you have chosen.

Also when you expect that there might be an increase in the number of visitors on your website as you are promoting it now or if you wish to expand then its high time you choose a hosting package that would be able to handle your extra traffic and cope up with your needs.

In hosting services you have three options to choose from – Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Usually people opt for Shared Hosting as it is very cheap and is good enough for beginners. But if you foresee that the traffic on your website would increase or if you wish to have a customized plans then in that case VPS Hosting plan would be the most suitable for you. Dedicated server hosting is also a great solution but it comes with lots of investment and cost. So VPS Hosting becomes the most feasible and an affordable option to go in for.

VPS Hosting offers you the same levels of performance as that of a dedicated server that too at a price that is very much affordable by anybody.

What exactly is VPS Hosting?

In VPS Hosting a physical server is divided into small virtual servers by creating a virtual partition between them. Now each virtually partitioned virtual server acts as an independent server and has its own operating system. So now these virtual servers are as good as dedicated server as these can be customized and you also get your dedicated IP along with root access to your server.

In VPS Hosting you can choose from Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Both Windows VPS and Linux VPS are equally efficient. So you can choose any among Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Windows VPS runs applications that are specific to windows as operating system and works the same way for Linux VPS.

Now you can also host unlimited websites on your VPS and also customize it the way you want to. Further your website will now be able to handle any amount of traffic that is coming to your site. And you can also scale up and scale down your resources on your server depending on your applications installed and the traffic expected.

Also each virtual server is as secured as a dedicated server which is not the case with a shared hosting account. You also get rid of the cost of maintaining your server as it will be now managed by your VPS Hosting provider. UCVHOST manages your server for free for you and takes backups of your server for you so that you never lose any data.

How much does it cost to own a Virtual server?

A VPS Hosting solution is far less expensive than a dedicated server solution. It may cost upto 200 $ to own a dedicated server but it will cost you $15.99 to own a Virtual Server at UCVHOST. All VPS Hosting packages come with managed services which are free of cost.

UCVHOST also provides 24/7 support via live chat and ticket system. UCVHOST also offers 30 day money back guarantee with all its plans ( Windows VPS, Cheap VPS, Email VPS, Plesk VPS, MS SQL VPS, Shared Hosting, Linux VPS, Hyper-V VPS ). There are various plans at UCVHOST to suit your needs. You can choose any plan and also scale it up or down as per your needs. So just visit UCVHOST and sign up now so as to take the advantage of the cheapest VPS Hosting prices.

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Windows VPS Hosting – About WordPress Hosting And Its Features

People are doing lots of blogging these days. It is a better way to drive traffic on your website. As we all know “Content is the King”, and blogging helps you do that.

Blogs are just a form of diary which is online on the internet in which you can write articles, post your thoughts and do any kind of writing. You can choose any topic and write quality content on it. If your content is unique and has quality, your blog will get more and more popular and you will get more number of visitors on your site. This also makes the writer also popular and is able to bring in more readers to his blog site.

Now for making your blog site you will need a blogging service such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Out of these WordPress is the most popular blogging application and is also available free of cost.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source blogging application. You can have any amount of users on your wordpress site that too for free. WordPress service comes with a set of instructions and you can very easily set up your own WordPress site and manage it using those instructions. You can also call wordpress the most popular Content Management System (CMS). WordPress has more than 1 million users and has become the most popular blogging tool.

The whole credit for WordPress goes to Matt Mullenweg who designed and developed this application with Mike Little. They along with their developer team continuously work on this CMS application and release new and updated versions from time to time.

Features of WordPress

WordPress has a template feature that is activated by template processor. You can host your wordpress application on a WordPress hosting or a wordpress VPS Hosting. WordPress hosted on a WordPress VPS performs beautifully as you get your own share of resources. WordPress VPS can be hosted on a Windows VPS as well as Linux VPS. People who are comfortable with a GUI based interface should choose Wndows VPS Hosting for wordpress hosting while those who know how to work on a linux based environment should host it on a Linux VPS.

WordPress has features that are very user friendly and also help you to enhance the quality of your blogs.

WordPress has themes that you can install and change anytime you want to on your blog. Changing of themes will not affect the content on your blog site. It will just change the look of it.
It has widgets that you can enable and disable anytime based on your needs. Widgets increase the functionality of your blog. You can drag and drop your widgets on your bars in your blog so as to place them wherever you wish on your blog.
Plugins are also there on a wordpress application that also increase the functionality of your blog. Plugins can be downloaded also from time to time based on your preferences. These are available on wordpress only and at present there are more than 17000 plugins available on wordpress.
You can also import and export content using the tools on your wordpress blog. A click single click with put multiple blogs on your site using wordpress tools.

Advantages of WordPress Hosting

Lots of hosting providers are available on the internet that provide WordPress hosting or wordpress VPS Hosting. WordPress requires a rish environment of hosting so that it can perform beautifully well on the internet. UCVHOST provides the best WordPress hosting or WordPress VPS Hosting. The only difference being, in a WordPress VPS you can host multiple blogs sites while on a wordpress shared hosting you can only host one. Also a wordpress vps has better resources and security for you as compared to a wordpress shared hosting.

We at UCVHOST help you to install wordpress on your blog site that too free of cost. If you face any issues while creating your blog or performing some action, we at UCVHOST also help you overcome your issues. UCVHOST support executives are available 24/7 that too 365 days a year which means that your issues will be rectified as and when they arise.

Also the plans at UCVHOST are the cheapest and you can find plans ( Windows VPS, Cheap VPS, Email VPS, Plesk VPS, MS SQL VPS, Shared Hosting, Linux VPS, Hyper-V VPS ) at UCVHOST starting at $1 per month. Just visit UCVHOST and sign up now and see your site make a difference on the internet.

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Windows VPS – Understanding Hyper-V VPS For Windows

Hyper-v technology is the new technology in the web hosting industry. It helps businesses as well as organizations get a better service in their hosting solutions and hence a better presence online. Hyper-v servers are basically virtual servers and we all know that VPS Hosting has become favorite among lots of businesses because of its cost effective and friendly nature. Hence Microsoft has come up with the technology of hyper-v for improving the quality and performance of VPS. This is the reason why they are also known as Microsoft Hyper-V server.
Since it is a product a Microsoft hence they are applicable on Windows VPS. You will not feel any difference in using the normal Windows VPS and a Windows VPS based on hyper-v. The basic difference is the technology underlying everything else remaining the same. Windows VPS based on hyper-v or windows hyper-v servers are compatible with all windows applications and you will find that all these programs and applications perform a lot better on a Windows VPS hyper-v or windows hyper-v server.
What is Microsoft Hyper-V Server?
Microsoft’s hyper-v technology helps a virtual server or a windows vps perform a lot better. Windows hyper-v server is hypervisor based virtualization solution which is gaining popularity in the hosting industry because of its high performance.
Windows hyper-v server is generally for x64 systems. Here you will be able to direct MS Management console or MMC to the main server via which you can manage your windows server remotely. You will also be able to manage your settings inside the server. You can perform many actions such as application development and its testing and many more. You can use your windows hyper-v server just like a normal windows vps server.
Why is MS Hyper-V Server getting so popular?
Hyper-V Server is getting popular day by day because of the performance it offers. It is a very stable server wherein you never have to bother about your server rebooting and restarting on its own. Hyper-V servers give a fantastic performance. Their efficiency is such that you can compare it with a dedicated server. It has the ability to match the performance and efficiency of a dedicated server. You also get to use the options that come up with Microsoft Windows 2008 server including IIS7 and SQL Server 2008.
Features of a Hyper-V Server
You can have many sites hosted on the same MS Hyper-V Server.
You will also be able to run many operating systems under the same server.
You can very well develop applications and test them on a hyper-v server.
You can run database driven programs also.
You get full control over your server.
Hyper-v servers are very much scalable.
We have tried to explain much about Hyper-V Servers. If you still have further queries then feel free to visit UCVHOST and chat with our live chat executives. We will be happy to assist you even if you do not wish to buy from us. We have different plans ( Windows VPS, Cheap VPS ), catering to your varied needs. Just visit UCVHOST.

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Windows VPS – How To Make A Website With A VPS

VPS Hosting is a technology that offers features of a dedicated server at a very low price. VPS Hosting is available in two options called as Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Both Windows VPS and Linux VPS work equally well. You can choose any among Windows VPS and Linux VPS based on your comfort factor.
The flexibility a Windows VPS offers is beyond comparison as it is based on GUI or a graphic user interface and is very easy to use. It also offers reliability same as a dedicated server. Windows VPS also offers lots of features such as custom firewalls, SSH access, dedicated IP address etc. Earlier all these features were available in a dedicated server hosting only, but ever since VPS Hosting technology has been introduced, people get all these features on their virtual servers as well all at a very low cost.
Now creating a website using a VPS is very simple. Just follow the below mentioned instructions:
1. Firstly, select a name that you wish to have for your website. This is also known as domain name for your website.

2. Now open the browser and then type “VPS Hosting” in your search engine such “google”. Look for various VPS Hosting plans on the internet. UCVHOST is one such VPS Hosting provider that offers all VPS Hosting plans at a very cheaper rate and offers the best quality services. Select the plan you wish to opt for and sign up for it.

3. You should not choose your software for making and editing your website such HTML editor or a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and an image editor. Download the one you need for making your website.

4. Now create images and graphics for your website’s header, banners, buttons and background. You can do all this with an image editor.

5. Once you have done that, open the page editing program. Now select a colour scheme for your website. Add the header image that you had created. Add other images that you have created for your website and the text and links that you wish to have on your website and save your work.

6. Now connect to your VPS after you have entered your username and password and IP address into the respective fields in FTP portion of the web page editor. Then upload the website you have created using “Publish” feature. Then you must test your website’s working. You can do this by entering the URL in the address bar of your window. Also check if all links are working properly.

7. Now try to build traffic to your website by making it popular and submitting it to various search engines.
Cheap VPS

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Windows VPS – How To Log Into Your Windows VPS Server

Windows VPS Hosting is a great tool these days to host your business as well as your business website. It is simply an amazing solution as it offers not only a cheaper alternative to a dedicated server but also offers all its features. Windows VPS has the capability to function just like as if you had bought a dedicated server for your website. This simply reduces your hosting costs and on the same hand does not compromise with the features and the performance.
So overall Windows VPS is a great product for your website hosting.
Usually Windows VPS hosting is selected by individuals who have a business website and have a larger audience or a larger target market and expect variable traffic on their website. When you have chosen Windows VPS Hosting, you will be able to do lots of things even while you are mobile. You will be able to download files and do lots of stuff such a make websites and complete your work from anywhere in the world. This is possible because a Windows VPS server offers a Remote Desktop Connection to all its users so that they can connect to their server from anywhere. This Remote Desktop connection comes with all Windows VPS servers. So check if you have one. In case you do not have a Remote Desktop connection then you should download it in order to connect to your virtual server.
Here are some brief instructions as to how you can log into your Windows VPS:
1. Click on the “Start” button on your local desktop or PC. Then click on the “Programs” icon.

2. Now click on “Accessories” icon followed by “Communication” button.

3. Here you will see “Remote Desktop Connection” icon. Click on it so as to launch the program.

4. Now enter the IP address of your Windows VPS. In case you are not aware of the IP address of your server then email or ask your administrator. At UCVHOST you can simply logon to live chat and ask your queries and you will get answers to them instantly. We at UCVHOST have the quickest support system so as to solve all your queries.

5. Now click on the “Connect” button and put in your username and password in the pop up that appears on your screen.

6. Now click on “OK” and you are now connected to your VPS.
Cheap VPS

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What Is the Best Forex Software?

Trading currencies requires access to a trading account. This access is made through the use of Forex (foreign exchange) trading software. There are four standard types of Forex software programs for trading currencies. Each type offers a different level of flexibility to the Forex trader.
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1. Web-based Software
Web-based software makes it possible to operate a Forex trading account from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Similar to logging in to a web-based email account (where, for example, emails are stored online), web-based Forex software makes it possible to log in to your Forex trading account using your unique username and password. offers web-based Forex trading with features such as deposit by credit card as well as a broad range of currency pairs to trade.
Computer-based Software
In order to access a Forex account through a local desktop or laptop, computer-based Forex software is a possible solution. The software VT Trader ( provides computer-based trading, as does MetaTrader ( The software VT Trader also offers web-based trading, and both companies offer automated trading solutions.
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Automated Trading Software
If there is a particular strategy that a trader would like to use, and this strategy needs to be executed automatically, it is possible to accomplish this through a company that offers automated trading software. Either VT Trader or MetaTrader will work; however, novice Forex traders will have a difficult time automating their strategy through VT Trader.
If you are new to automated trading software, MetaTrader is the best choice. You can build your automated strategy without having any programming experience using the Trading System Builder at If you want a software program that will trade automatically for you, but you have no interest in building one yourself, you may consider using a managed-account software program.
Managed Account Software
For those who have no interest in learning the ins and outs of installing local software, or setting up an automated Forex trading software on a computer, managed account software is a possible alternative. This software will allow a Forex expert to manage the account on your behalf.
The company ZuluTrade ( offers a package that will allow the account to be traded in this fashion, with minimal technical knowledge required; no software needs to be downloaded and only a simple username and password are required to check the balance of your account as it is being traded. This software will list of hundreds of Forex traders, letting you pick the trader and program that best matches your goals.
Forex VPS, Cheap VPS

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What Is An NS1 Prefix

When you host a website on a Windows VPS with a domain name then you need a name server pointing towards that domain and the specific website. NS1 stands for name server. You must ask your Windows VPS Hosting company for the name server details when you register for a Windows VPS Hosting with them.
Name server is important and you must know it as it controls the domain name. When you are setting up a Windows VPS and hosting your website or your domain on it then you must choose your own NS prefix. By prefix we mean to say that it should have some characters in the beginning of the name server, before the first period.
Here are a few details
1. Name server

The most common format of a name server is NS, NS1, NS2 etc as a prefix. When you sign up to host a domain with UCVHOST we will automatically add the nameserver details. Sometimes you will also be required to add name server for your domain in your account.

2. Windows VPS

When you use your desktop or a PC then you don’t need to worry about changing NS prefixes. It is only when you are using a Windows VPS service then you will be required to put in a name server prefix such as NS, NS1. This is done as it is assumed that you are hosting your own hosting company.

3. NS1 Prefix

Though NS is the most common prefix but it is not compulsory that you choose the NS prefix always. You can choose any other prefix as well. You must simply keep it easy to remember and consistent.

4. Considerations

The prefix that you use must always match the format that your hosting company uses or your Windows VPS uses. If they unmatch then your website will not load. In case you are not well versed with prefixes etc, then you must consider a managed Windows VPS Hosting plan.
Cheap VPS

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Open VPN On Linux VPS – Which OS Should Be Chosen?

VPS Hosting is available in two types namely Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. Windows VPS Hosting servers are based on GUI while Linux VPS Hosting on text commands. Some applications are compatible with Windows VPS and not Linux VPS. So it will depend on the application that you wish to run on your VPS. Users usually find it easy to work on a Windows VPS as it is text based but both Windows VPS and Linux VPS work equally well.

So based on your comfort level and the application you wish to host on your server you can choose any OS ie. a Windows VPS or a Linux VPS.

Now when you have chosen your OS and have decided to go in for a Linux VPS Hosting so as a first step you will try to find a Linux VPS Hosting provider who is competent enough to take care of your webhosting requirements and offer you the most reliable OS. This is the most crucial decision for you regarding the OS you will go in for as it will decide how much control you will have over your server and how well you will be able to work on it and get the most from it.

When you decide to choose Linux VPS hosting then this means that your selection of an OS or an operating system is very limited. This is usually because only some OS are suitable for linux platform.

Open VPN is one of the great options for nayone who is looking for a nice OS for his Linux based virtual server. In case you have selected open VPN then you must also check for its compatibility before you go for it.

In case of a Windows VPS you will not be able to use scripting language but this is not the case with a linux based server. So Linux as an OS would be a nice choice in that case.

Once you have known that the OS you have decided to go in for fits your host then you must also check if it permits the OS options that you wish to choose or looking for. Lots of options are available and you can check each one of them.

It is not always easy to find the best OS for your needs but Open VPN is one such option. Open VPN will suit your individual as well as business needs. Open VPN also causes less hassles and this is great to know for every person who wishes to use a server for his needs.
Cheap VPS

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